Cool Mint

Fresh Breath!

Minties Fresh® from VetIQ® helps improve doggie breath with convenient cool mint chewable breath mints. Minties Fresh is a product made right here in the USA, with quality ingredients your dog will love.

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Say Good-bye to bad Breath!


Delicious cool mint flavor

Minties Fresh® is a trusted breath freshener for your pet with a cool mint flavor that your dogs will love!



Minties Fresh® is the inexpensive option for great quality breath fresheners for your dog.

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made in usa

As part of our commitment in providing vet recommended products for your pet, we source ingredients and manufacture VetIQ® products right here in America. This allows us to confidently stand behind the quality of each product.

Made In USA
Dog Approved
Ingredients sourced and products manufactured in America
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Unique shape and texture helps scrub teeth with an additional active ingredient to help clean teeth.

The complete oral health solution for your


Combine Minties Dental treats and Minties Fresh® for a complete oral health solution and fresh breath. Minties® Dental treats have a triple action formula to help clean teeth, promote fresh breath and help reduce plaque and tartar1.



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Your pets and your family; you’d do anything for them to make sure they have the best, that is why I trust my pets with VetIQ®.

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